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You know that kids’ book, Everyone Poops? Well, I’m not so sure Nemo got the message. Either that or the book’s author never met our cat.

Here’s a strange little thing we’ve just noticed. Spinner the cat died a bit over a week ago. Nemo and Spinner always shared a litter box.  Second Child recently mentioned (before Spinner died) that she had never seen Nemo use the box, even though we’ve had her (Nemo, not Second Child) for six years.  Our cats are strictly indoor critters, as we live on a busy secondary highway (don’t worry–the dogs, who have invisible fencing, have the run of the big back yard).

And yet . . . the litter box has apparently not been visited since Spinner died 10 days ago.

Now, if indeed we have the world’s first zero-output cat, I’m fine with that.  This seems somewhat unlikely, though, and there’s no sign of any displaced litter. You’d think we might have noticed six years of accumulated deposits if she were, say, sneaking off to the back of a closet or a cozy space under the eaves. So we’re faced with the interesting question . . . where is she putting it?

As for Nemo?  She’s not saying.

He is so shaggy. People are amazed when he gets up and they suddenly realize they have been talking to the wrong end. --Elizabeth Jones
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