Yeah, yeah, the election is now behind us, but I’ve come up with one promise that neither candidate made (nor could fulfill): an airedale in every pot. TWO airedales in every pot!

Nah, we wouldn’t really cook them (though the cranky woman up the road is threatening to do that and more if Dinah doesn’t stop barking at night). I just had to find a safe-from-Crispin place to rest these babies while I left the room for a minute during their photo shoot, and the slow cooker was still out after being washed up following last night’s split-pea soup feast.

Finally, Felty Crispin has a companion–Felty Dinah:

Just like the real life Dinah, Felty Dinah is a a little woolier (but not necessarily wilder) and rather more zaftig than Felty Crispin.

These two don’t often cross the blog line to make guest appearances, but you can see a different shot of them and read more about them at my other blog, Floating Ink, where they are doing double duty at the moment as objets d’art.

And come to think of it, we might want to keep that slow cooker at the ready–if they’re anything like their models, then sooner or later they’re bound to be in hot water.