Second Child, who is now in high school, was sitting with a friend in study hall engaged in that old fashioned educational pastime of comparing cell phone photos with the boy sitting beside her.  The boy held out his phone for her to see, and the conversation went like this:

Boy:  And this is my dog.

Second Child: Cool . . . wait . . . hey! What kind of dog is that?

Boy: An airedale.

Second child (screaming): AN AIREDALE?!!!!

Teacher: Shhhhh, you two.

Boy (whispering): Yeah, I know, you’ve probably never heard of them.

Second child: (screaming again) HEARD OF THEM? (whispering) I mean, heard of them?  I’ve got TWO of them at home!

Boy:: (screams) YOU DO?!!! OMG, OMG!

Second child and Crispin as a pup

Second child and Crispin as a pup

Clearly a get-together is in order. Maybe the kids can come along, too.