It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. Family medical concerns on several fronts. The insurance company recreationally denying coverage for said concerns–you know, just because they can. Fights ensuing. Me winning (take that, evil insurance demons!). Stressful school transitions.

As for the dogs, they’ve had a pretty quiet week. Some cockleburrs have had to be severely dealt with. And they can’t figure out why First Child has disappeared (he’s at college, but they won’t understand that) and why Second Child has suddenly started getting up at dawn and is taken away every morning by a large yellow school bus. Oh, and their dog blog friend Lilly tangled with a rattlesnake–and won (go, Lilly! and hang in there, Roxanne!).

And then there were the Conventions, requiring that the Two Legs be away in another room for several evenings watching The Box. As a result, and at our purely partisan request, Dinah and Crispin have gone to bite some people in other states, so for this week, we bring you instead of news closer to home, this video. Pure enjoyment, via Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish.

Hope your September is going well.