Blog surfing the other day took me to a wonderful site, Les Petits Bonhers de Miss T, having mostly to do with beautiful sewing and embroidery projects. For many of these she provides instructions and charts. And, it’s not like I’m looking for stuff to do, but I may have to dig out the old embroidery needles and some black and tan floss for these babies:

Being partial to airedales, I think one more stitch under the noses and a few black stitches along the back would turn them into wonderful ‘dales. Searching Miss T’s site, though, will turn up all kinds of wonderful things–scotty dogs, reindeer, teapots, even a few rather decorative toilets.

Besides, Miss T fits perfectly into the cat person/dog person theme–my French is a little rusty, but I’m pretty sure the note she has written over the cross stitch chart says that she’s 100 times more cat person than dog person. As I know all too well, those can easily become the proverbial famous last words . . . look out, Miss T (and thanks for the kind permission to link to your blog).