Our little dog, Crispin, who is Dinah’s nephew (not that she acknowledges any family connection) has a thing for the garden hose. We can’t get it out to water anything without letting him play with it, or he sits in the yard and cries pitifully.

I’d love to embed the video of his best-ever hose fight here, but as my friend Sandi notes on her blog (where there are also often dogs), WordPress and YouTube don’t play well together. So you’ll have to go here to see a short clip of the fearless water rat.

Note to others whose dogs wish to try this at home: remove any invisible fence type box your dog may be wearing if you don’t want it to stop working after getting soaked (don’t worry, Crispy didn’t get zapped). For those who ignore this warning, ten minutes under the hair dryer (the collar box, not the dog) got it working again.

And Crispin still works just fine.